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Robot Butler update

So, since Karl left I've gone through about a half dozen Star Trek episodes. They look different to me now even from what they did about fifteen years ago when I last watched them. I have some observations.

- we were supposed to have had a Eugenics War by now. By the 1990s we were supposed to be able to reliably genetically engineer people, and build sleeper ships. Where's my robot butler and my GE husband, hmm?

- when did we lose the technology to make bras that make your breasts stay in perfect pointy cones even when you're lying on your back? Want.

- inquiring minds want to know what their budget for Lens Vaseline was

- Uhura's skirt is longer in the Mirror Universe than it is in the 'real' one (btw, big props for Stargate Atlantis for the line in series four when Shepard's response to people dreaming about him as a psychopath was 'did I have a goatee'.)

- okay, the skirts are really short. But at least the crew members wear regulation 'underpants' under them that match their uniforms - like netballers do. The Romulan Commander however appears to favour black French knickers. So do I.

- and we share taste in men. Spock is still the hawtness. Shatner has the nicer arse though.

- Shatner's boot heels are about an inch higher than Nimoy's or DeForest Kelley's

- bronze sculptures of Roman gladiator heads are really popular. I've watched six episodes, and McGivers has one in her quarters, Spock has one in his, and the alternate Kirk has one in his. Spooky.

- people don't seem to notice the sexploitation of the men as much as they do the little skirts. They didn't cut those pants like that by accident (see: Shatner's arse, above). Kirk spends large portions of City on the Edge of Forever wandering around in a flannel shirt undone to mid-chest. And Ricardo Montalban's costuming as Khan is a tour de force of slutty. He wakes up in a posing pouch and a gauze sheet. He attends dinner in a bright yellow coat that only fastens in the middle and for some reason strongly reminds me of the Cat from Red Dwarf. And we all know about Kirk's shirts. (Seriously, click link. That site is a perfect example of why the internet exists.)

Space Seed. Might appear on the surface to be hideously sexist. Rewatching it, it strikes me that Marla McGivers isn't, for a start, representing all women. Yeah, she buckles under and does what Khan tells her after he knocks her about a bit. Surely that's because she's a sub. She certainly seems to be looking not for a man, but for a Dom.
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