ghetsuhm (ghetsuhm) wrote,

Here we are again

Tonight, I am tired and sad. This afternoon I went off at a complete stranger (who was being an utter twatcock, to be fair) in the supermarket. When I initially wrote, it hadn't really hit yet. Now, I am just so tired.

And we're some of the lucky ones. Our water goes off for large periods of most days, but it comes back, and we have power and we can flush our toilet. Before we had functioning sewerage, we could dig a latrine in the back yard - unlike people without back yards, or who were disabled, or didn't own spades, or whose back yards were inundated with silt or water. We are lucky. Some other people are not.

I am especially lucky because I have the most wonderful friends - people who not only want to help, but can. So thanks to Russell Brown and Orcon, my whole family will be flying to Wellington next week, for free. We'll be mooching off our friends Susan and Matt for several days, and we have a friend to feed the cats. (Though it's just occured to me to wonder how we get to the airport without having to leave our car there for five days.) Still some logistics to work out, but it's something to look forward to, very much, that puts a barrier against our long-term thinking. Where will the kids go to school? Should we just call quits on Rhiana's formal schooling at this point and have her do correspondence at home? Will Karl's job survive?

We will stay in Christchurch. We haven't yet heard that any of our friends have decided to leave, but a lot of people have. More than half of the buildings in the central business district need to be demolished. Whatever happens from here, some things will change forever.

Anyway. There's a fund-raising Great Blend in Wellington next Thursday. Anyone who can come should. It'll be a lot of fun, and I need a lot of fun right now. I'm so weary. And so grateful.
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